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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Xbox One Audio Port Will be Compatible With Current Headsets

When the news broke about the next generation Xbox Controller not supporting the current headsets for consoles, everyone was unhappy and thought that Microsoft is pulling an Apple-like maneuver. However, the truth is not far from this, as current headsets will not be compatible with the controller out of the box.

Compatibility will be made possible with the help of an adapter that will allow current headsets to work on the Xbox One controller. While the device will not come with the Xbox One console, it will be available for purchase later on.

Don’t trash your current Xbox Headset, as you will use it soon!

xbox one controller compatible with old headsets

The news came as a tweet from Microsoft’s lead planner for Xbox One, Alberto Penello, who stated that:

Yes. We will have an adaptor that allows current gaming headsets to work

While this adapter is in the works, we’ve got confirmation of Microsoft’s plan regarding the audio port for the new wireless controller that will come with the Xbox One from another source that states:

The Wireless Controller has been redesigned to allow for higher data transfer speed between the controller and the console […] This also required creating a new expansion port design for headsets and future controller add-on devices which is different from a standard audio plug input. Xbox plans to develop solutions in the near future to allow consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets to the Wireless Controller for gaming and chat audio

xbox one controller to be compatible with current headsets

However, if you plan on getting a new headset, know that you can pre-order one from the Microsoft website for only $24.99.

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At GameStop Expo 2013 You Will be Able to go Hands-on with the Xbox One

Are you looking to attend GameStop Expo 2013 or still didn’t make up your mind? What about this for a good reason – GameStop Expo 2013 attendees will be allowed to go hands-on with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, of course. I am only wondering how crowded the place will be and how many gaming units will there be.

The news was made by public be GameStop in a recent press release. Besides finally being able to lay your hands on the most expected gaming consoles in the world, you will also get to play some awesome games.

xbox one hands-on gamestop expo 2013


Xbox One, PS4 and some awesome games at GameStop Expo 2013

Here they are:

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Lost Planet 3
  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  • Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs (only on display)
  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (only on display) 

GameStop also revealed the full list of exhibitors:

  • 2K Games & 2K Sports
  • Activision | Blizzard
  • Disney Infinity
  • EA Mad Catz
  • Namco Bandai
  • Nintendo
  • PDP
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Square ENIX
  • Turtle Beach
  • Ubisoft
  • Warner Bros
  • Microsoft Xbox

We already know that Microsoft will be making an appearance at the Gamescom event on August 20. The GameStop Expo 2013 event is scheduled for August 28 in Lass Vegas, Nevada. If you’re an avid gamer or if you simply love games, then you definitely need to be among the first to finally touch the Xbox One and get to test it in your hands.

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NBA 2K14 is a Xbox One, PS4 Launch Title

I never managed to understand why they call it NBA 2k14 and not just NBA 2014, does it have to do something with the fact that the developer is called 2K? I guess so. Anyway, it seems that 2K Sports has confirmed quite a while ago that NBA 2K14 will be a launch title for XboxOne and the PS4.

nba 2k14 xbox one launch title

NBA 2k14 is a Launch Title for the Xbox One

Most likely, the NBA 2k14 on the Xbox One will have a price tag of sixty dollars, as recently revealed. The launch of the NBA 2k14 is scheduled around the end of 2013, which means the game will have an advantage over EA’s NBA Live 14 which will be released in “early 2014″.

Basketball players and gamers all over the world will definitely look forward to the launch of the NBA2k14 on Xbox One. The physics, gameplay and the graphics of the game will definitely look more realistic.

2K Sports Senior VP of Basketball Operations, Jason Argent confirmed this

We will be day and date launch titles for both of those platforms.

Also, the confirmation of NBA 2k14′s availability on day one with the Xbox One was disclosed when 2k Sports informed us about the soundtracks in the game, which are chosen by Lebron James himself, the main icon of the game.

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Mortal Kombat Game in the Works for Xbox One, PS4

I feel that Mortal Kombat is one of those games that will live on for ever, like Mario, for example. It will always have a steady number of users and fans all over the world. NetherRealm Studios, the developer of so many Mortal Kombat games, has spilled the beans in a recent interview and revealed that a Mortal Kombat game forthe Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is in the works.

mortal kombat xbox one

A new Mortal Kombat on the books for Xbox One and PS4?

The producer of the Mortal Kombat Legacy live-action web series, Lance Sloane, in its interview with the GamerHub.TV at the San Diego Comic-Con, when talking about yet another eventual Mortal Kombat movie, has said the following:

We’ve got a great script. We’ve got a great director with Kevin Tancharoen on board and it’s just figuring out the business side of it and when we would do [the movie] and when we would launch it – how do we synch up with the launch of the game that they’re working on now, the next game.

Sure, this might be just a rumor or very little news, but since NetherRealm Studios is closely working with Warner Brothers on the movie, it would make sense to benefit from the heat of the moment and also get some eyeballs pointed at the game. Most likely, the game could be called Mortal Kombat Legacy II, and the movie as well.

The latest version of Mortal Kombat, the one from 2011, was actually a retelling of the first three games, created by NetherRealms Studios. Anyway, do have a look at the video below with Lance (after one minute mark) and let us know what you think of it.

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Price for Xbox One Controllers and Headsets Set as Pre-Orders go Live

Just like we were expecting when we talked about the pricing of the first Xbox One games, we now know the official prices for the Xbox One controller and the Xbox One headset as the prices have been made official in Microsoft’s U.S Store.

xbox one controller price

Prices for Xbox One Controller and Xbox One Headset

When buying an Xbox One, you also have to consider the price that some very basic Xbox One accessories, like the Xbox One controller or Xbox One headset, might have. As of now, here are the official prices from Microsoft’s Store for the United States. We don’t know yet the pricing for other countries

  • Xbox One controller – $59.99
  • Xbox One headset (wired) – $24.99
  • Xbox One Play and Charge kit –  $24.99

Microsoft’s Store is not the single place where you can get the Xbox One controller; pre-orders are also available at GameStop and Best Buy. Microsoft’s biggest competitor for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, also has the  DualShock 4 controller for pre-order at the same price.

You can also get in the Microsoft Store a Play and Charge kit for $74.99 that also includes the Xbox One controller plus the Play and Charge kit (charging cable and rechargeable battery pack). Besides this, you can also get a day one 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership for $59.99. Hurry up, as this is a limited offer. You will get to play Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jago character. Also, multiplayer gaming, Skype and “premium entertainment” are ensured.

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Microsoft to Talk More about the Xbox One at Gamescom 2013 Event on Aug 20

Even though Microsoft didn’t attend Gamescom 2012, the company has announced that this year, they will be holding an event, where corporate vice presidents Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison will be the hosts.

During the event, it is said that they will discuss Microsoft’s self-publishing policies for the Xbox One, and Xbox One fans will have the opportunity to learn more information about the specifics of these policies.

Microsoft Will be Attending Gamescom 2013

Gamescom 2013 microsoft will be attending with xbox one news

On August 20th, Microsoft will be holding a press event at the Gamescom 2013 conference. The company’s last press event at the conference took place back 8 years ago, in 2005. Other rumours surrounding Microsoft attendance at international conferences puts the company in the list for this year’s Tokyo Game Show also.

It seems that Microsoft is trying to get as much attention as possible on the Xbox One, hoping for good sales this fall. For those of you who want to attend the Gamescom 2013 event, know that it will take place in Cologne, Germany. The timeframe of the event is Aug. 21-25.

For more information on Gamescom 2013, head over to their official website. Also, if you are planning on finding out if the company is attending the Tokyo Game Show, follow their official website for more information.

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The Crew (Xbox One)

The Crew Game Description

The Crew is a revolutionary driving game developed exclusively for next-gen consoles and high-end PCs that leverages the new hardware capabilities to connect players online like never before. The Crew takes you and your friends on a reckless ride inside a massive, open-world recreation of the United States that is brimming with exciting challenges. Generous in content and tailored for the connected generation, The Crew is the next-gen game that redefines a genre.

The Crew Details

Developer: UbiSoft
Publisher: UbiSoft
Release date: 2/26/2014
Genre: Sports, Racing
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

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Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games Win Big at E3 – Handily Leading All Platforms

At the recent E3 show in Los Angeles, we unveiled a new generation of games for Xbox One. Since the show, we’ve been incredibly excited to see the reaction to the games we showcased. The award nominations and awards have been pouring in and the teams are thrilled with the positive response to the games they’ve been working so hard on.

Last night, the “Games Critic’s Awards: Best of E3” nominations were announced and Xbox continued to be highlighted as a winning platform, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 leading all platform nominations. Xbox One and Microsoft’s exclusive titles received 11 nominations, the most of any game console. In addition to Xbox One being nominated for top console of the show, the Xbox exclusive game “Titanfall” became the most nominated game in E3 Games Critic’s Awards history ever, with six award nominations.

In addition, here are a few other trends we’ve seen to date:

  •  “Titanfall”, an Xbox platform exclusive, has been widely acclaimed as the big winner of E3 and remains the lead game across all platforms with 101 nominations and 54 wins, for global nominations and awards.
  • Across US award nominations*, Xbox exclusive titles have received 168 nominations and 68 wins, more than any other next-generation platform’s exclusive lineup.  Top title nominations and winning awards include:
    • “Forza Motorsport 5” earned 24 nominations and 8 wins
    • “Dead Rising 3” earned 17 nominations and 7 wins
    • “Project Spark” earned 13 nominations and 4 wins
    • “Ryse: Son of Rome” earned 11 nominations and 2 wins

We’re really excited to see the positive response to the Xbox One exclusive games line-up and we remain committed to making Xbox One the best place to play games – led by the biggest exclusives, new IP and blockbuster franchises that play best on Xbox – delivered via exclusive technology only available on Xbox One.

You can see highlights of the Xbox One games showcased at E3 here. For more information on the Xbox One games line-up, visit

*Numbers above include awards and nominations from major U.S. media outlets, including IGN, Game Informer, Destructoid, Game Critic Awards and more.

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“Xbotched”; What Can We Predict From the Xbox One’s Shaky First Steps?

The Xbox One has not yet been released, but its short life has already been traumatic. Decried by every news outlet, downvoted in every Reddit thread, voted against in Amazon polls, you have to look hard to find an amigo of this embryonic console. To put it mildly, Microsoft could have handled it better. Each of its gaffes following another so closely that it makes one wonder what the collective noun of gaffe is (my suggestion is a Mattrick “behold that Mattrick of gaffes in full flight”).

The two major stumbling blocks for the public were the restriction of being unable to play a game without connecting to the internet once every 24 hours. There were several objections to this seemingly intrusive requirement, chief of which is what options there would be for people without a stable internet connection. This problem was addressed by President of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, Don Mattrick who, with all the grace and understanding of Mr Bumble the workhouse master in Oliver Twist, stated that those affected can just stick with the Xbox 360. The second was the restrictions imposed on the sharing or re-selling of games. This has long been a stumbling block of the creative industries, with every generation of attempts to reduce piracy being met with greater and greater anger. The public were rather mad in the past about small amounts of code which prevented programs being copied off disks; they reacted less favourably to a confusing rights system which could have drastically reshaped the videogame resale market.

None of these missteps appear to have frightened investors however, with stories about certain developments causing Microsoft’s share price to rise or fall seeming to be more rooted in hyperbole than fact. Microsoft has seen only small fluctuations over the last 6 months, with their share price currently riding high at around 33.03, whereas the typical value was around 28. The stock has not gone above 35.67 nor below 32.66 since the 6th of May – the point at which speculation began to mount around Microsoft’s imminent console announcement. If the market is to be believed then, these minor PR disasters are less important than just releasing the console in the first place. Similarly, the Sony stock rose in advance of its PS4 announcement and has hovered ±2 of 20 since that announcement. Obviously these two companies are gigantic multinationals and the console business is not their only investment, so small news stories are unlikely to significantly affect the price, but still, if the famously twitchy and reactionary stock market is remaining stoic in the face of a storm of scary stories, then perhaps the video game media has been making Choco Mountains out of Monty Mole hills.

In what some have called “customer engagement” yet others an ‘embarrassing climb-down’, Microsoft has relented on both reselling and also the once-a-day internet requirements. They now have less than 5 months to prove to the public that not only is its console worth buying, but that it should be bought instead of its rival which handled its launch with aplomb. The Wii U, although not trying to be a direct competitor of either PS4 or Xbox One, is also worth looking at for how a launch shouldn’t be handled. The console shipped with many of the features not available out of the box and updates were necessary to access some of these features while others were not available for months. Then in January, the president Satoru Iwata apologised for the lack of games for the system. It is certainly possible that should Microsoft ensure that their console has full functionality on launch as well as a compelling list of titles, this furore will be long forgotten.

When GamesRadar referred to a console as “a hate object reviled by the entire internet” you’d be forgiven for thinking they were referring to the Xbox One, but actually that quote is back from 2007, directed at the PS3. Casting one’s mind back to 2006, it is easy to forget that people said that the PS3 release was a disaster; they introduced the console with the boomerang controller, which it dropped due to bad reception. The replacement controller did not vibrate due to an on-going court battle. There were several delays in the launch date due to lack of materials for the Blu Ray drive and the promised number of consoles available at launch didn’t meet what was promised. The online service, PlayStation Network, was criticised for lacking features which were available on Xbox Live. The console had limited backwards compatibility and when they had an opportunity to reintroduce it with the slim model, they declined to do so. Then there was the price tag of $600 Sony executive Ken Kutaragi infamously referred to as “too cheap” (Don Matrick’s mentor perhaps?). In order to fight complaints about the price tag, Sony created a cheaper 20GB version of its system which lacked wifi and memory card readers. So after these many disasters, it’s understandable why the PS3 sold far fewer consoles with its puny 77million units sold compared to Microsoft’s gargantuan 77.2million units sold. Or to put it another way PS3 has sold 99.74% of the amount that Microsoft has sold.

The life of a scandal is short and the life of a console is relatively long, there is always plenty of time for the person in the lead to falter and lose ground. Although PS3 had a slower start, it eventually overtook the Xbox 360, and this year sold 1.3 million units more than its rival. Although it has spent 7 years in second place, by the end of the lives of this generation of consoles, the PS3 will likely have outsold the Xbox 360 by a few million. So overall, public outrage may not be the best predictor of sales performance, but Microsoft should heed the lessons of the past, listen and change accordingly. As the former chairman of IBM Louis V. Gerstner said, “Everything starts with the customer”.

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