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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle Comes to the U.S.

For a limited time, Xbox fans in the U.S. can get their hands on an Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle featuring a sleek, Cirrus White Xbox One console and wireless controller. The bundle also comes packed with a digital download code for Halo: The Master Chief Collection – the essential Halo fan experience that features the Master Chief’s complete story through four free Halo games: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4. Best of all, it’s all available for ERP $349 in the U.S.

Later this month, this Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle will be available in limited quantities for a limited time at participating U.S. retailers while supplies last so once they’re all gone, they’re all gone! Check with your local retailers for more details and be sure to grab yours before it’s too late.
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Over-the-Air TV Tuner Available Now for Xbox One in the U.S. and Canada

Today, we’re excited to deliver one of the most requested live TV features on Xbox Feedback to our fans. All Xbox One owners in the U.S. and Canada can now enjoy over-the-air TV alongside their gameplay with the Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One. Support for over-the-air TV on Xbox One means you can access broadcast networks available in your area, subscription free, and, in true Xbox One fashion, without having to worry about switching inputs between your games and TV. The tuner joins a number of TV-viewing options currently available to Xbox One, including live TV apps such as Sling TV, an impressive lineup of on-demand apps like HBO GO, Netflix, Comedy Central, and Hulu Plus, and cable TV and satellite TV integration.

With the Hauppauge TV Tuner for Xbox One and an HDTV antenna, Xbox One owners can look forward to a variety of useful features, such as the ability to pause up to 30 minutes of live TV, watch TV on the right side of your screen while playing games with Snap, and navigate channels using Kinect voice controls. Additionally, users can stream over-the-air TV to other devices within the home using the Xbox app on Windows 10 devices or the Xbox One SmartGlass app on WindowsWindows PhoneiOS and Android, even while someone else is playing a game on Xbox One. Users can even change channels remotely using OneGuide without disrupting gameplay on the TV. Over-the-air TV integrates with OneGuide, storing all of your favorite content in one place. Check out our recent announcement for full details on available features with over-the-air TV.

An over-the-air TV bundle, including a Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One and a Mohu Leaf 50 antenna, is now available exclusively at your local Microsoft store and at for $99.99 – a $30 savings. The tuner is also available separately for $59.99 at Microsoft stores and Amazon. Before purchasing the TV tuner or over-the-air bundle, remember to visit to check which channels are available in your area and find the HDTV antenna that’s right for you. For more information on how to set up your tuner and antenna with Xbox One, check out Major Nelson’s how-to video or go to Xbox Support.

From over-the-air TV to industry-leading apps, we’re thrilled to deliver a variety of entertainment experiences on Xbox One side-by-side with your gameplay. Grab your TV tuner today at participating retailers and start watching Over-the-Air TV on your Xbox One.

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Forza Horizon 2 Pre-Order Car Pack Available Now on Xbox One

The Forza Horizon 2 Pre-Order Car Pack has arrived on Xbox One. Previously only available exclusively to Forza fans who pre-ordered Forza Horizon 2, these four amazing cars can now be yours. The pack includes two dream rides from Italy – the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570-4 Superleggera and the 2008 Ferrari California – and a pair of amazing examples of German engineering in the 2013 BMW M6 Coupe and the 2013 Audi RS 4 Avant.

Forza Horizon 2 Pre-Order Car Pack on Xbox One is now available via the Xbox Live Store for $4. Here’s a closer look at the cars in the pack:

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570-4 Superleggera
Superleggera translates to “super light.” This Gallardo weighs in at around 3,400 pounds, and while that is far from super light, it is some 154 pounds lighter compared to a standard LP-560-4. That lightness comes from the use of carbon fiber and lots of it. The engine cover, the diffuser, the side skirts, the mirrors and much of the interior are all carbon fiber. Aluminum wheels and titanium lug nuts account for a few pounds dropped as well. The Superleggera produces 10 more horsepower due to a retune and added air flow via its larger intake nostrils. Improved air flow also increases downforce, making this Bull stickier than ever. The Superleggera is for the discerning Lamborghini driver who wants everything the Gallardo LP-560-4 offers, and less where you want less and more where you want more.

2013 BMW M6 Coupe
Among the tight competition in the sport touring class, the M6 Coupe holds its own. Harkening to its roots as an agile coupe powered by the same motor as the M1, the new M6 takes the heart of the original and adapts it to the current market. Astounding acceleration at any speed can be found under the right pedal thanks to the voracious twin-turbo V8 that kicks out 560 horsepower. Torque is felt immediately throughout powerband, so whether you are proving the M6’s worth off the line or disappearing into the sunset, all you need do is ask and you shall receive. While this M6 is no lightweight, it is lithe and dexterous in the cornering department. The sub-frame is bolted directly to the body, creating stiffness and an electronically-controlled differential instantly adapts to keep power to the ground. This ultimate touring machine is ready to demonstrate its inbred performance on any track.

2008 Ferrari California
When Ferrari decided to create a new drop-top grand touring car, they revived the California moniker from fast convertibles of years past and introduced a Ferrari first: a retractable hardtop that allows for high-speed cruising, rain or shine. Another innovation for Ferrari is the engine, which debuts a direct-injection system that allows for higher compression, meaning more power and better fuel economy. It’s essentially the same V8 that’s found in the F430 coupe, but the California puts it up front, behind the axle for superior handling and packaging. The California is no slouch, because with 454 horsepower on tap it can hit 62 mph in less than four seconds. Enhancing the experience is the first example of Ferrari’s new dual-clutch 7-speed transaxle, which knocks out shifts in a matter of microseconds. It’s all designed for one purpose – to cross beautiful wide open spaces at a rapid clip, comfortable in a luxuriously hand-crafted interior sporting the finest leather, with a retractable roof to allow you to enjoy the sunshine and the throaty burble of the exhaust. Of course, since it’s still a Ferrari you can zip from apex to apex while exploring the 8,000 RPM rev limit, all the while knowing that the carbon ceramic brakes can haul the California down from speed in an instant.

2013 Audi RS 4 Avant
Take an RS 5 Coupe, add three doors, and what do you get? Quite obviously you get the most incredible performing estate car on the market; a car with enough thrill factor to make even the most prodigious family man smile at the thought of a trip to grandma’s house. Even with 2.5 kids, the family dog, and a weekend’s worth of snacks loaded up, the RS 4 Avant will blow the doors off of most anything it encounters short of a supercar. The rich and silky rasp of this 4.2-liter V8 as it approaches a vivacious 8,500 RPM redline is an audible wonder. This is a wagon that will eat M3s as it barks through each gear of its seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. Sure, it’s a wagon, but one look at the huge air intakes up front and its sweeping graceful form and distinctive RS 4 badging will attract attention from anyone who appreciates the notion of practicality being outmatched by performance.
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Xbox One May System Update: Voice Messages, Party Chat Improvements Out Now

Thanks to your continued feedback, a new month means we get to deliver a new set of fan-requested features on Xbox One. We’re streamlining your gaming experiences even more this time around, whether you’re looking for an easier way to power up the console or connect with distant friends in real time through voice messaging.

Let’s dive into the full list of features rolling out today in the May system update:


  • Voice Messages – Starting today, you can now send and receive voice messages from the Xbox One messages app. This is the No. 1 feature requested in the Friends and Parties area on the Xbox Feedback site > “Add audio message …” Quickly and easily record audio to send to your friends or others through your snapped messages app, accessed through a simple quick double tap of the Xbox button. Additionally, voice messages can be exchanged between Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.


  • Power On/Off from Xbox One SmartGlass – The Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android are being updated to let you power your Xbox One on and off when your devices are on the same home network as your console. This feature request has more than 4,000 votes on the Xbox Feedback site.


  • User Selectable Power Mode – We are also altering the initial setup experience on Xbox One worldwide to enable you to select your preferred power mode. Instant-on enables you to use the “Xbox on” voice command and receive background updates to console, game and app updates. Energy-saving mode is a low power state that requires you to press the Xbox button on your console to start up your Xbox One. For additional information, see this post on Xbox Wire.


  • Dedicated Servers for Party ChatBack in March, we enabled dedicated chat relay servers for Xbox One preview members to solve NAT traversal issues that prevented some people from being able to use party chat. Over the coming weeks, we will start to expand the availability of the party chat relay services beyond preview members to a broader audience as we continue to fine tune the feature and scale out the servers needed to support party chat relay services.


Keep the suggestions coming at Xbox Feedback, and we’ll continue to make Xbox One the best place to game.

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Forza Horizon 2 Alpinestars Car Pack Available Now on Xbox One

Spring has sprung and, with it, six amazing new vehicles have arrived in the release of the Alpinestars Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One. The highlights of the Alpinestars Car Pack include two examples of Chevy ingenuity – the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette and the 2015 Corvette Z06. The 1953 Corvette is a pivotal part of American sports car heritage, and the modern Z06 showcases exactly the kind of power and precision that Chevy is capable of today.

In addition, if you need a new beast for those Extreme Cross Country events in
Forza Horizon 2, the 1991 Jeep Wagoneer is ready to roll. Tune up a new Audi TTS Coupé and take on anything you encounter. If classic American muscle is your thing, AMC’s “The Machine” is waiting to be unleashed.

This month’s free car, the 1992 Bugatti EB110 SS, is as elegant as it is extraordinarily fast. One blast down the highway in this elegant example of French engineering is all it will take to convince you of the EB110’s power and Bugatti’s ongoing supercar legacy.

The Alpinestars Car Pack for
Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One is available from the Xbox Live Store for $5. Here’s a closer look at the cars in the pack:

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
With the C7 Corvette, GM set a new bar for what to expect from America’s heartthrob. With the 2015 Z06, they have smashed that bar and have given the Corvette undeniable supercar status. For starters, the supercharged LT4 puts out 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough juice to destroy almost anything on the road, regardless of its price tag. Straight-line speed and breathtaking acceleration have always been the forte of American muscle, but the Z06 is as deft in a corner as anything out of Europe. Finally, just take a moment to consider its looks and you will agree that this Corvette has checked all the boxes. The highways and byways of Forza Horizon 2 are just waiting for you to leave your mark in this inevitable classic.

1953 Chevrolet Corvette
Most legends come from humble beginnings, and the story of the Corvette is no different. In an era where the only true sports cars were built in Europe, Chevy saw an opportunity. The company went about building a dream team to design a car that would appeal to a younger market, give the brand some flash, and keep it ahead of Ford in sales. Harley Earl—GM’s then design chief—let fly with an idea he had been coveting for more than a year after watching European sports cars at Watkins Glen: a low to the ground, two-seat roadster. Driven by practicality, the 1953 Corvette uses mostly off-the-shelf components such as the “Blue Flame” 160hp, 235-cubic inch in-line six-cylinder engine and two-speed Powerglide transmission. The only options available were a heater (which cost $91) and an AM radio ($145). All 300 that sold in 1953 had both options. The 1953 Corvette didn’t even have rollup windows. All the cars were hand-built, and all were Polo White with red interiors. The use of fiberglass was not only a weight-saving innovation but was a necessity due to the Korean War and a limited availability of steel. The 1953 Corvette’s dramatic and bold exterior was just what the public wanted and it forever changed the course of American car history.

1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
The Jeep Grand Wagoneer saw few changes over its 29-year production run, despite being produced by three different manufacturers: Willys-Overland, AMC and finally Chrysler. This alone is a testament to the functional and purposeful design of what was certainly the first SUV long before the term was coined. The Wagoneer replaced the Willys Jeep Station Wagon that dates back to the mid-1940s. It is rugged yet provides a luxurious ride and amenities that no other off-road vehicle could offer. In its wood-paneled trim, the Grand Wagoneer is reminiscent of the woodies of the past, but this rig is built to take on the rigors of any adventure its owner may choose.

2015 Audi TTS Coupé
Finally, a new Audi TT is available in Forza! The TTS is an elite example of VW’s MQB platform (a strategy designed to reduce costs and shorten production times) but, at its heart, it’s a thrilling, eminently drivable Audi experience. Featuring more than 300 horsepower from its turbo four-cylinder, the TTS delivers acceleration that is nearly on par with a Porsche 911 Carrera. Coupled with all-wheel-drive, it will beg you to push its considerable limits to their max.

1970 AMC Rebel “The Machine”
AMC was notorious for taking on the big three in its own way. When it came to the muscle car market the AMC approach was unique, with performance that could give the big boys a run for their money. “The Machine” came with a flamboyant red, white, and blue paint scheme that made as much of statement as its 340-horsepower V8. From the factory this Rebel was poised as a street legal drag race car and could run mid-14s in the quarter mile. The distinctive ram-air hood scoop and hood-mounted tachometer contributed to the car’s performance-minded attitude. “The Machine” was no poseur; developed in collaboration with Hurst Performance, it could put down the power via the “Twin-Grip” Positraction style differential.  AMC always did things delightfully different, and this definitive muscle car is a perfect example.

May Free Car – 1992 Bugatti EB110 Super Sport
Built to honor Ettore Bugatti on his 110th birthday and to celebrate the rebirth of the car company he founded, Bugatti’s EB110 is nothing short of spectacular. In Super Sport dress, the already lithe supercar drops some weight and gains even more power. Under the aluminum body penned by Marcello Gandini of Bertone is a carbon fiber chassis. Impressive? Yes, but what really makes the EB110 SS phenomenal is the 12-cylinder, 60-valve, quad-turbo motor that turns all four wheels and delivers a top speed of more than 200 mph. The EB110 SS saw only 31 models produced, making its ownership list one of the world’s most exclusive clubs.
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