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Apple debuts music streaming service, iTunes Radio

Apple debuts music streaming service, iTunes Radio

Granted, this one felt like a bit of a wild card in the lead up to WWDC, but ultimately the rumors have proven true: Apple’s just taken the wraps off of a brand new music offering, iTunes Radio. The service is built directly into iOS 7’s music app, featuring easy access to radio based on your music collection. The company’s also got hundreds of its own stations, grouped by artists and genre — artists like, get this, Led Zeppelin. You can modify stations by telling the app which songs you love and hate, and you can access old stations by clicking your history button. The app is free with ads for regular users, or ad-free if you happen to be an iTunes Match subscriber. It’s starting in the US and coming to other countries in the unspecified future. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as on your desktop.

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