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Details come to light on Xbox One plans for pre-owned games

This afternoon details have emerged on the plans for pre-owned Xbox One games, MCV has reported.

Microsoft have been reluctant to give away any specifics on how the secondary market will work, saying only that there will be a system of some description that allows for the trading of games at point of retail.

New information has come to light however from MCV’s retail sources that this week Microsoft briefed key retailers on how it will work.

Reportedly, retailers intending to sell pre-owned games will need to first agree to some specific Microsoft T&Cs. Then, they will be allowed to sell them at whatever price they wish – however both the publisher and Microsoft will receive a cut.

As a result of this news, already major US game retailer GameStop has experienced a 7.28% fall in share prices today to $33.39*, as belief mounts that this move will impact sales.

Already the revelation that loaned games will require a fee to be played on a new account has been met with a serious backlash – expect some new comments from Microsoft shortly to manage the situation.

*figure correct at time of writing

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