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EU Commissioner teases net neutrality rules: no throttling, easy switching

European Commission teases net neutrality rules no throttling, lots of transparency

The European Union has only taken baby steps toward proper net neutrality legislation so far. Today, however, the European Commission’s Neelie Kroes just gave the first glimpse of what those continent-wide rules could look like. Her proposals would let companies prioritize traffic, but not block or throttle it. The measures would also prevent gotchas once customers have signed on the dotted line: internet providers would not only have to offer clear terms of service, but make it easier to jump ship for something better. There are concerns that the proposals would let providers favor their own services, but Kroes also makes no arbitrary distinctions (and thus exemptions) between wired and wireless networks, like we’ve seen in the US — can we get these rules elsewhere, please?

[Image credit: The Council of the European Union]

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