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Getting ‘Hands-On’ with the Redesigned Xbox One Controller

Although Kinect is a ‘mandatory’ feature of the Xbox One and the only way for users to issue basic commands to the soon-to-be-released console, the gaming controller—or the hand-held version—is still a very important component. There are a few things that Microsoft has changed in the Xbox One controller to make things more ergonomic and simpler.

Xbox One controller vs Xbox 360 controller

Joystick Responsiveness

When gamers are polled—especially hardcore gamers who are into first-person shooters like the Call of Duty series—there is one notable exclamation from all of them: even PlayStation enthusiasts note that the joysticks on the Xbox 360 are easier to manipulate and seem to be more responsive than those on the PlayStation controller. This is something that Microsoft has worked very hard to carry over into the Xbox One, and the company is confident that their newest generation Xbox One controller will meet the expectations of gaming enthusiasts everywhere in terms of joystick pliability and responsiveness.

Aesthetic Familiarity

Another thing that the Xbox One controller will offer to players is consistent aesthetic familiarity, meaning that it will look and even feel much like the revered Xbox 360 controllers that players have come to love. The controller itself is a bit more rounded and the grips are a bit smaller, but when the controllers were tested, this was not an issue with most of those who tried it out. Ergonomically, the controller is stable and lends well to hours upon hours of gameplay; the company still recommends taking frequent breaks to fend off discomfort of any sort. Additionally, the slightly modified controller design will feel better in the hands of children—a demographic that Xbox left untargeted with its last controller.

Xbox One is Incompatible with Xbox 360 Controllers

Many users were a bit dismayed to learn that their Xbox 360 controllers will be incompatible with the Xbox One, particularly since the controllers are fairly expensive—at least this is the case when the brand-name models are purchased from Microsoft. However, those who are interested in game- or function-specific modifications will be glad to know that the Xbox One controller is just as simple to modify. The reason for the incompatibility stems from the Xbox 360’s use of 5GHz wireless technology; the Xbox One controllers use a direct Wi-Fi method to connect to the Xbox One console itself. Direct Wi-Fi is a lot like Bluetooth technology, but it is simpler to use and easier to get connected.

What Direct Wi-Fi Will Do for Gameplay

Those who are still skeptical about the Xbox One controller as it relates to the Direct Wi-Fi capability will be reassured the moment they place the controller in their hands and play their favorite games. Imagine this: real-time vibration and reaction in the trigger finger when shooting an enemy, or even vibration on only the left- or right-hand side of the controller when playing a racing game. This will lend quite a bit to game personalization and help players feel as if they are right in the middle of the action—something that Microsoft has worked hard to develop and hone, and something that gamers are sure to appreciate once the technology is available.

Overall, those who love the Xbox 360 controller will likely find the Xbox One controller to be a step in the right direction since there is not too much that has changed either aesthetically or ergonomically. However, the added features and feedback thanks to Wi-Fi direct are sure to make gameplay more immersive and exhilarating.

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