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NBA 2K14 is a Xbox One, PS4 Launch Title

I never managed to understand why they call it NBA 2k14 and not just NBA 2014, does it have to do something with the fact that the developer is called 2K? I guess so. Anyway, it seems that 2K Sports has confirmed quite a while ago that NBA 2K14 will be a launch title for XboxOne and the PS4.

nba 2k14 xbox one launch title

NBA 2k14 is a Launch Title for the Xbox One

Most likely, the NBA 2k14 on the Xbox One will have a price tag of sixty dollars, as recently revealed. The launch of the NBA 2k14 is scheduled around the end of 2013, which means the game will have an advantage over EA’s NBA Live 14 which will be released in “early 2014″.

Basketball players and gamers all over the world will definitely look forward to the launch of the NBA2k14 on Xbox One. The physics, gameplay and the graphics of the game will definitely look more realistic.

2K Sports Senior VP of Basketball Operations, Jason Argent confirmed this

We will be day and date launch titles for both of those platforms.

Also, the confirmation of NBA 2k14′s availability on day one with the Xbox One was disclosed when 2k Sports informed us about the soundtracks in the game, which are chosen by Lebron James himself, the main icon of the game.

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