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New Information Revealed About the Xbox One Controller


There has been much talk about the new Xbox One Controller since the new console was unveiled. We now know that the new controller will not be backwards compatible with current headsets, but it will have better audio quality, and that the development team has tried to make it more comfortable and with an increase in performance.

However, there are other specs of the device that were revealed and if you are interested in buying a Xbox One console, or just the controller for use on a PC, then these details might interest you.

The new Xbox One controller will have better feedback


We know that the new Xbox One controller will have better vibration feedback thanks to its four motors. Two of them will be placed beneath the triggers and the other two in the back, so you will have directional feedback when playing games.

This feature is especially good for shooter games, as players will know from what side they are receiving damage, but it can also prove to be useful in other scenarios, like racing games.

For example, in Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10 Studios is using impulse triggers to provide players with precise feedback that enhances the racing experience,

In a blog post from the Xbox One team, they detailed on this matter, so players will know what these new four motors can do:

If your tires break traction from over-acceleration or if you drift on the gas pedal, the triggers emit very distinct vibrations. This is combined with the chassis rumble that conveys impacts, engine roar and driving over surface irregularities like cobblestone

More precise movement

The thumbsticks of the Xbox One controller have also been updated. Apart from the better look and surface, they are smaller and they are more precise, as players will notice that they are easier to move:

Competitive gamers will be pleased to hear the sticks require 25 percent less force to move, allowing you to adjust your aim in a first-person shooter or execute a half-circle sweep in a fighting game faster and more accurately,

The D-Pad of the Xbox One controller has a lower profile and thanks to its new design, it is easier to press and much more precise. This detail has been picked up by gamers ever since they first saw the new controller.

Smart Connectivity for the Xbox One controller

The Xbox One controller uses a technology called “invisible reflective technology and LEDs” which allows it to almost instantly connect to the console or to the Kinect module. This technology also allows the Xbox One to “know” where each player is and adjust the screen accordingly.

This introduces innovative experiences, such as player switching, where a split screen display can swap positions on the TV if users change seats on the couch

Other upgrades for the Xbox One


Apart from this, the Xbox One controller can sense when the player has finished with it and it will automatically go into sleep mode. This helps with battery autonomy. The battery pack itself is smaller and cleverly placed so that it will not interfere while the player holds it.

The Xbox One controller has received lots of upgrades over the old Xbox 360 design, and while it is still instantly recognisable, for those who are familiar with the old design, the improvements in the new device are visible, and hopefully, appreciated.

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