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Price for Xbox One Controllers and Headsets Set as Pre-Orders go Live

Just like we were expecting when we talked about the pricing of the first Xbox One games, we now know the official prices for the Xbox One controller and the Xbox One headset as the prices have been made official in Microsoft’s U.S Store.

xbox one controller price

Prices for Xbox One Controller and Xbox One Headset

When buying an Xbox One, you also have to consider the price that some very basic Xbox One accessories, like the Xbox One controller or Xbox One headset, might have. As of now, here are the official prices from Microsoft’s Store for the United States. We don’t know yet the pricing for other countries

  • Xbox One controller – $59.99
  • Xbox One headset (wired) – $24.99
  • Xbox One Play and Charge kit –  $24.99

Microsoft’s Store is not the single place where you can get the Xbox One controller; pre-orders are also available at GameStop and Best Buy. Microsoft’s biggest competitor for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, also has the  DualShock 4 controller for pre-order at the same price.

You can also get in the Microsoft Store a Play and Charge kit for $74.99 that also includes the Xbox One controller plus the Play and Charge kit (charging cable and rechargeable battery pack). Besides this, you can also get a day one 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership for $59.99. Hurry up, as this is a limited offer. You will get to play Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jago character. Also, multiplayer gaming, Skype and “premium entertainment” are ensured.

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