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Redbox opens GamingFuture site to discuss rentals for Xbox One, PS4

Redbox opens GamingFuture site to discuss rentals for Xbox One, PS4

Microsoft revealed some details of how “game licensing” works on its upcoming Xbox One console, and included the tidbit that “Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.” In response, Redbox has launched a site called, which is ostensibly a place for gamers to express what excites or concerns them about next-gen gaming. It should also help provide a base for Redbox to defend its $2 per night videogame rental business. Interestingly, Redbox and Microsoft would appear to already be close “partners”, since the former launched an Xbox 360 app for its Redbox Instant service earlier this year.

There are links on the page to various reports about the Xbox One and PS4, plus a simple comment section for the public to chime in. GameTrailers reports the company messaged members of its “Text Club” service an alert about the new site, along with tweeting it from the official account. We’ve seen similar strategies employed during negotiations over cable channels, we’ll find out more this week about what Microsoft and Sony’s new hardware means for the game rental market — and how the public responds.

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