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Verizon FiOS TV rolling out new set-top box Home Page

Verizon FiOS TV rolling out new settop box Home Page

In the old days, you’d turn your TV on and see video. Typically it would just play whatever channel was on last, but more advanced digital boxes might start at a main menu or specific channel. Verizon’s latest twist on that idea is rolling out video hub office by video hub office, and should reach all 5 million customers’ set-top boxes within a few weeks. Called FiOS TV Home Page, it welcomes viewers by displaying weather and other basic info next to highlighted VOD or Flex View services, all tailored to each customer’s viewing habits. Sure, some might find it useful, but others might be annoyed at seeing the screen for 15 seconds every time they turn on the TV or because there are tiles advertising package upgrades and VOD. Luckily, if simply hitting exit doesn’t stop the pain fast enough then there is an option to disable the screen completely if desired.

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