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Why I’m looking forward to Xbox One

Sony’s World wide president of games Shuhei Yoshida as come out and confirmed that they did not even consider an always online connection for PS4 and used games will not be blocked.

Has he? Has he said that in such an absolute and black and white manner? Please share your source.

mostin reply The article came from If you google, ps4 will not block used gamesyou will find it. It was released just after the ps4 reveal. Tell us your opinion after you read it.

I can’t get my head around the conspiracy theory side of things to be honest. I value my privacy as much as anyone, and certainly don’t like the idea of being spied on, but do we really think the camera will be watching when the machine isn’t turned on? Unlikely. All the time the machine is on then sure, you might find facial expressions being monitored to judge how much we are enjoying programs, but even that is a tad sci-fi really in terms of detail.

On top of that, how would you be able to tell if ads are targeted or not anyway? I could barely tell you what ads I saw when I played my 360 yesterday, in fact other than the giant Xbox One banner across the dashboard I can’t think of anything else which was on the screen which I didn’t directly interact with.

In reality, advertising is already everywhere, and anyone who has used the internet for more than half an hour (on any platform) is already part of the system, whether they tie that information to your name or not, I don’t really see what the issue is.

As for space under the TV, that I can appreciate people’s predicament, and though it might seem like the lack of backwards compatibility is a pain, the PS4 doesn’t have it either and I’m sure the vast majority of people don’t even use it, they certainly wouldn’t use it if it was there on this console once a few games came out because (hopefully) all the new games should push the boat out and make the ones we are playing today feel limited in one way or another. Obviously at first the gap will be small but you get my meaning, I’m sure I’ll be waiting for games like GTA or Battlefield 4 on Xbox One rather than 360 anyway.

Luckily at present I only have a Blu-ray player, which would obviously become redundant, so I am effectively this console’s target audience as I have no boxes at present, so this box can be my all in one right from the start. The Kinect interface should make scooting about on there pretty simple and although I haven’t gone for Kinect in the past, partly because of my current living conditions, I would definitely welcome a bit of wizzy-ness in the future.

I’m glad people are starting to calm down now almost a week on and it was really interesting watching the Inside Gaming podcast on youtube yesterday on the subject. We have (generally) a UK perspective on things and would assume the yanks are excited about the sports and TV tie-ins, but in reality the way the guys talked about it, the announcement was geared towards ‘middle America’.

These are families who maybe have a Wii at the moment and don’t really game much but could be attracted to a multi-functional device like this, and when you take that as the audience that the reveal was looking to attract, then it suddenly starts to make a lot more sense.

The games will come, and there’s a lot of names out there for existing franchises which I’m excited about, and if we get a lot of them on release then I’ll be laughing by Christmas.

A few titles I’d like to see revealed with some old-fashioned pad-in-hand demos at E3 are:

Fallout 4, Dragon Age 3, Battlefield 4 (already announced, but ya know), GTA V, Mirror’s Edge 2, Red Faction (massively unlikely, and in this one’s case could only be a quick 30 second CGI trailer), Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead 3 (so not going to happen with the Valve console around the corner but hey ;-) ) and something real-time-strategy based like Red Alert 4.

I’m also interested in Watch Dogs but not massively so.

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