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Xbox One Controller Audio Port: Incompatible With Current Headsets?

Microsoft’s Xbox One console has brought many advances in terms of technology to the current version. While many feel somewhat cheated by Microsoft, in the sense that the new console didn’t bring as many gaming-oriented upgrades as users would have wanted, the Xbox One still has some awesome features.

One of them is the redesigned controller, that has a much nicer look and feel. One detail of the Xbox One controller has left everyone to believe that the device will not be compatible with old generation devices.

Is Microsoft doing the same thing Apple did?


As most of you remember, Apple introduced the Lightning connector to its new devices, which replaced the old 30 pin port. The same seems to be happening to the Microsoft Xbox One controller, where users used to plug the chat cable. The new design is a proprietary Microsoft design, which will force manufacturers to adhere to the terms that Microsoft forces, in order to keep developing the products.

What this means for the users is that the Xbox One compatible headsets will most likely cost more than what they used to. This is yet another blow to the gaming community that will own the Xbox One. However, all is not lost, as third-party manufacturers, and probably even Microsoft, will most likely develop an adaptor that will provide backwards compatibility for older generation chat headsets.

The new port might actually give Xbox One users a better audio experience, but for the moment, we don’t have enough information to go on. Nevertheless, the new generation of Xbox One headsets will probably be superior in audio quality to the present ones. The new port will supposedly be able to support stereo audio in the hopes that the Xbox One controller will deliver the game audio directly.

If this is true, Xbox One headsets will become more like PC headsets, in the sense that they will be able to deliver virtualized directional communications, which will allow players to hear nearby enemies. Microsoft didn’t have much to share on this topic, resuming only to:

We are working with 3rd party headset manufacturers to create new headsets that will take full advantage of the Xbox One technology

We hope to hear more about Xbox One headsets in the future, probably at E3, from both Microsoft and third party manufacturers.

Image credit: The Verge

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