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Xbox One Headsets (updated)

The headset makers aren’t saying anything quite yet about which headsets are going to be available. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Turtle Beach come out with a few different sets for different price ranges. The same thing with Astro gaming and Tritton. Tritton and Madcatz still have their exclusive rights to Xbox wireless technology.

So with all them constantly making a new headset every few months there is little doubt there will be a plethora of headsets available for the Xbox One on day one.

UPDATE Apparently looking at some hands on videos of the Xbox One controller the new controller comes with a New proprietary data port that is incompatible with Xbox 360 headsets. This includes the high end Astro, Turtle Beach, and Tritton gaming headsets.

Also, I am hearing from a couple sources that the Xbox One will not come with a Microphone. The Kinect will be the mic that comes included this time. Hopefully, the noise and voice cancelations work properly and there aren’t echoes when playing a multiplayer match.

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