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Xbox One Price: How Much Will it be?


If you’ve followed the recent news surrounding the new Microsoft console, Xbox One, you might know that there were a few speculations about the price of the device, and some retailers have already started taking pre-orders. But what would be the price of the device in the end?

As you all know, a few days ago, Microsoft announced their news Xbox One console, but they didn’t say anything about the price and release date of the device. These details will most probably surface this year, at E3. However, this didn’t stop retailers to speculate about the price.

What prices did we see so far

xbox-one-price-microsoft (1)

After doing some digging, we found many that seem to know what the price of the Xbox One will be. The news traveled like wildfire around the web, and now, you can find it on a number of websites for pre-order. Let’s take a look at some of the figures we’ve seen.

GameStop predicted that the Xbox One will be released at a lower price than the previous generation console, the Xbox 360. The last generation started at $299.99 for the standard edition, or at $399.99 for the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro.

If this rumor is true, then the device will probably come at around $250 – $300. While these figures would make everyone happy, many have their doubts about them, saying that this would be way to cheap for the Xbox One.


A UK retailer, Zavvi also put a price on the Xbox One, and is now taking pre-orders for the price of £399, which relates to around $600. Some think that this is a more likely scenario, taking to account the features that the device has.

Another price for the device comes from Amazon Germany, where someone has posted a Xbox one for €599, which is about $770. Even with all the technology and horsepower under the hood of the Xbox One, most people doubt that the console will cost this much.

As you can see, the prices are all over the map. Starting from as little as approximately $250 and all the way up to $770. What does this mean? If you ask me, this means that no one has a real idea of what the Xbox One will cost, and at this point, these prices are only rumours. While the price will definitely be within this interval, making the correct assumption has more to do with luck at the moment.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, and taking into account the usual prices that new devices have, I’d say the Xbox One’s price will be around $350-$400. This price is right in the sweet spot of the figures we’ve seen so far, making it somewhat affordable for most, but not cheaper than the last generation of consoles. This being said, I can’t say for sure that the Xbox One will not cost $600, as surprises can always appear.

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