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Xbox One to Support Third Party Video Capture Devices

Although the Xbox One will most likely have the option to record a player’s screen, many gamers opt for a third party device to do the work, as it is less limited and will yield better results. Whilst the Xbox 360 offered support for such technology, and the PlayStation 3 had a work-around, allowing users to plug in a third party device, it was uncertain that the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will support this feature.

Future Xbox One owners will not have anything to worry about, as it was officially announced that the new console will support third party video capture devices out of the box. This news will definitely weigh in with gamers who are sharing content from their consoles.

Third party video capture devices supported on Xbox One


Either for professional gamers that record gameplay video and do walkthroughs, or casual gamers that just want to make a few videos of their favorite games, the possibility to hook up professional hardware to do high quality video capture on their Xbox One, will be much welcomed news. Microsoft acknowledged this by stating:

Xbox One will support gameplay footage capture just as it works on Xbox 360

Although short, this announcement made the day for thousands of gamers that used to do this on their old consoles. As far as other next generation consoles, like the PS4, are concerned, to this point, there is no confirmation that they will support this technology.

Nevertheless, seeing that Microsoft has admitted to allowing third party video capture for the Xbox One, it’s likely that other manufacturers will provide similar support. For the moment, professional gamers that create gameplay content online will have to stick with the Xbox One.

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