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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – A Comparison

With all of the talk of the new Xbox One console set to launch later this year, there is some discussion as to what the PlayStation 4 will bring to the table, as well. Microsoft and Sony have been in competition with one another since their first-generation consoles, and nothing looks to be changing with the latest high-tech models as far as this is concerned.

The Press Conferences

Gamers all over the world are excited for the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles, and both console developers have held press conferences letting users know what they can expect. Unfortunately, much about the PlayStation 4 was kept in the dark; Sony’s press conference was held on February 20, 2013, so another is likely coming soon. Conversely, Microsoft’s press conference was held on May 21, 2013 and provided gamers who are drowning with anticipation a much better look into what the Xbox One will offer.

What We Know about the Processors

In order to compare the two consoles, it is important to consider that there is a lot about the PlayStation 4 that we simply do not know. However, we do know that both consoles will offer 8GB of RAM and eight-core processors. The PlayStation 4 will be loaded with an AMD ‘Jaguar’ processor, but Microsoft’s offering is still an unknown at this point. There are some who speculate that the company will use a modified version of the AMD ‘Jaguar’; others state they will use some other heavily modified AMD chip.

Some Info about the PlayStation 4

Despite being kept in the dark with a lot of the characteristics of the PlayStation 4 still being labeled ‘to be announced’, there are some things we do know. First, the PlayStation 4 will not require an always-on internet connection, and to the dismay of many—especially those who have spent hours on their favorite games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim—PlayStation 3 titles will not be backwards compatible. Finally, it the PlayStation 4 will offer players the ability to stream their games to the internet in real-time, and it will also allow users to chat with one another across various games.

Some Info about the Xbox One

There is more known about the Xbox One due to the recent press conference. For example, we know that the console will lack backwards compatibility with games released for previous generation consoles. Similarly, it was announced that there could be a fee involved with playing used games, and this has generated quite a bit of buzz. This means that individuals who subscribe to Gamefly or who rent games from their local Redbox locations before purchasing them outright may soon have to pay a fee just to try a game out—or even to borrow a game from a friend.

While much about both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has yet to be revealed, there are some things we do know for certain. Sony’s PlayStation 4 offering will focus on the social aspects of gaming, but Microsoft’s Xbox One will focus more on newer technologies such as Smart-TV capabilities, voice controls, exclusive content and more.

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