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XBOX Reveal – LIVE Updates from the Show

We are live blogging the XBOX reveal LIVE!. refresh the page to get the latest news form the event!

We’ll be live tweeting all the action from the #XboxReveal starting at 6pm – T minus 44 minutes and counting!

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         We are live blogging the NEXT XBOX reveal!

Oh, but don’t bother trying to watch the #XboxReveal on a Windows 7 phone. Who expects to watch a Microsoft event on a Microsoft platform?!

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         All star intro with Cliffy B, Hideo Kojima, Bill Gates, JJ Abrams and more!

·         Don Mattrick has hit the stage talks up the success of Xbox live

The Don: sounds like E3 will focus more on Xbox360 upgrades and updates #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Simple Instant Complete – the ethos of Next XBOX

·         Introducing XBOX One

·         Form factor is very boxy very similar to XBOX original but slicker and shinier – I like it!

Xbox going where PS4 didn’t and showing the console… looks good – bit chunky? Controller harking back to original Xbox? #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Kinect 2.0 matches the design of XBOX ONE

Lots of kinect integration – no wonder they’re shipping with Kinect 2.0 #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Cloud Powered

·         Yusuf Mehdi takes stage to introduce new UI

·         Home screen remembers your favourites and last played – login via Kinect

·         Home screen looks a lot like Win 8

·         Live TV on XBOX – instant switching allows immediate switching between TV, games, web, music with  lag no menus

Living room harmonization – echoes of Sony’s presentation? (Only a lot more green) #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         New gestures for TV and movies

·         Snap Mode allows you to use multiple apps at the same time ie movies, web

Mobile phone as a remote for “snapmode” (screen in screen multitasking) – the evolution of SmartGlass?

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Group video calls via Skype – who needs Google Hangouts eh?

·         Snap Mode allows you to watch TV and make calls and surf web and apps at the same time

·         EPSN demo – watching TV with fantasy basketball integrated

Loads of stuff about interactive TV going on here; what about the UK and satellite customers? #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         TV Guide fully integrated

·         XBOX One has made second screen on the same screen

·         Marc Whitten hits stage to talk tech

·         Blu Ray included and 8GB RAM matches PS4

·         OS is the XBOX architecture is 3 OS in one

·         Kinect updated with 2Gb per second processing

·         Kinect camera measure depth, skeletal, balance, muscle

·         New controller has over 40 updates including feedback for triggers

Great to hear the controller has a new D-pad #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         SmartGlass is natively part of the system

·         3 inputs – Kinect, Controller and SmartGlass with Kinect as the focus

How many Xbox live servers? OVER 9000!!* actual number may be closer to 300,000 #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         300,000  servers powering next XBOX live

“Asynchronous matchmaking” = watching TV while you wait for your online match. Great development #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         EA Sports in new partnership with Microsoft with FIFA, Madden, NBA and UFC (who saw that coming?!)

·         EA introduces next gen engine EA Ignite

Anyone else think those Madden graphics actually looked a bit cartoon-like? #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Phil Spencer talks up MS Studios

·         XBOX One is clearly designed for the living room with a smart design and all entertainment integrated

·         All new franchise reimagined for a new generation

·         Forza 5 revealed first XBOX One first party title – so this is why Turn 10 didnt do Forza Horizons – this will take on PS4′s Drive Club Head on

New Forza confirmed. Looks like it involves cars in some way… #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Cloud powered changes games worlds

·         Remedy presents Quantum Break – a cinematic game which adapts as you play (sounds like Heavy Rain?)

·         Microsoft is investing than ever in studios around the world

·         We have more titles in development now than any other time in history

·         15 exclusive launch titles with 8 new IP for launch!

·         Nancy Tellem announces interactive immersive TV

·         TV on XBOX will immersive you… for the first time truly personalised

“Xbox is about to become the next watercooler”. What, moist and frequently empty? #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Studios  announces live action HALO TV series with Steven Spielberg

“I’ve been playing video games since Pong” -Steven Spielberg. Let’s not forget he was responsible for E.T. the game #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Peter Jackson must be gutted!! He had tried to bring Halo to the big screen for a several years

·         HALO is a “Premium” tv show – what does that mean?

·         Game Changer? NFL Partnership with XBOX

Hmm looks like to get the most from Xbox TV you need to live in the US, like sports and play fantasy leagues… #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         NFL On XBOX allows for interactive fantasy play with live in-game updates

·         Don Mattrick is back to talk up the “one system you will use everyday”

·         XBOX releases later this year – around the world. Is that a simul-launch?

“Later this year” – trademark accuracy there #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         More games presented at E3

·         All future Call of Duty content will launch exclusively on XBOX One

·         New engine for next-gen Call of Duty Ghosts

Side-by-side comparison of CoD demonstrates having hairy arms is a good thing #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Stephen Gaghan writing Call of Duty Ghosts for Infinity Ward

“Brand new Call of Duty” – Ghosts to feature guns, shooting, soldiers and multiplayer. But it has a dog now! #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

·         Who let the dogs out? Infinity Ward it would seem! Mo-capped dogs feature in Call of Duty Ghosts

·         Call of Duty Ghosts: Dynamic maps for multiplayer and character customisation

·         Call of Duty Ghosts: Still 60 FPS

·         New Call of Duty Ghosts engine boasts massively increase poly counts, advanced animations, high res textures  and volumetric lighting

So that’s it folks – a sudden ending. Excited? Cynical? Let us know what you think! #XboxReveal

— Gaming IQ (@GamingIQ) May 21, 2013

And that’s the end of the show. Read our full in depth analysis of the reveal here.

Do you think Microsoft did a good job? Let us know below!

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